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Enterprise Workforce

LSI provides custom career-pathing for enterprise workforce groups with a focus on executive performance improvement and personnel upskilling.

Active-Duty Military & Families

LSI supports active-duty military and their families through custom training and educational services for organizations that provide direction and oversight of quality of life programs.

Veterans & Caregivers

LSI offers custom training and educational outreach services that enable greater & more efficient access to benefits, healthcare, and mental health services with a targeted focus on suicide prevention and caregiver support programs.

Healthcare Providers & Clinical Staff

LSI empowers healthcare providers and clinical staff to improve quality, access, and efficiency of care as well as patient outcomes through customized, targeted training services.

IT Professionals

LSI provides custom training and guidance to improve IT professionals’ proficiencies and competencies while maintaining awareness of industry trends and emerging technologies.

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Learn how to work with us through HCaTS.

Learn how to work with us through HCaTS.

LSI helps VA staff deliver the services our veterans deserve.

Successful Large-Scale Virtual Events

When our customers need a better way to provide training for their staff and external stakeholders, LSI finds the right technology solution to solve their problems. From VIPs to C-Suite executives to your integral day-to-day staff, we can help everyone have the best possible experience at your event. If you, like so many others, have pivoted to virtual events, our years of experience providing large-scale trainings will allow you to focus on your audience instead of event logistics.


"METCOR LSI went above and beyond the Government's expectations on quality. Their deliverables were professional, effective, and of extremely high quality."

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